Sequoia National Park, California - USA
Sequoia National Park, California – USA

The Americas! The New World! The Land of Opportunity! The fascinating unknown life and culture of the Americas’ native inhabitants! In the age of the great discoveries and colonization, the voyages to the New World and the accounts of its colorful birds, exotic plants and their fruits fascinated the salons of the aristocracy and upper classes in Europe. It amused the wealthy adventure seekers who could afford multi-years expeditions and planted dreams of freedom in the minds of the oppressed who longed for a new life.

Such fascination with the New World brought waves of immigrants who shaped the cultures of North, Central, and South Americas. From the Anglo-Saxon influences in North America to the Iberian, Spanish influence in Central and South America, both mixed with the hundreds of cultural heritage from Native Americans, a complex and diverse society emerged and flourished in the New World breaking away from the austere European lifestyle of the time.

The age of travel that expanded commerce and trade brought dreamers, refugees, explorers and adventurers, conquerors, slaves, and natives together by choice or by force. Nonetheless, the encounter and clashes of different cultures gave birth to a diverse multitude of modern American civilizations from the Northern Territories to Tierra del Fuego. This fascinating New World attracts millions of travelers year round, fostering a multi trillion dollars industry with far reaching economic impact in everyone’s lives.

Regardless of one’s lifestyle, travel has a direct or indirect impact in any individual’s life. Either hiking the mountains of Machu Picchu in Peru, relaxing on the beach in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, dancing in the late hours of Spring Break parties in Acapulco in Mexico, savoring the best steaks in the world in Buenos Aires while tango dancers drag us through the night, or getting in touch with our inner spirituality in Arizona in the USA, there is something for everyone everywhere in the New World. A world that calls us to rediscover it everyday!

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