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Is meant to share information, whether it is about travel and leisure service providers or conditions of a trail, a campground, or a discovery. Above all, it tells a story

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Portland: Handcrafted Beer and a Unique Hotel Experience

Posted on August 25, 2017

Where to stay? Too many elements to consider when you look for a unique experience at a hotel. In Portland, it happened by accident or coincidence. I was supposed to have stayed just one night in Portland and move on the next morning. Since I began my road trip, it was my plan to avoid cities and focus on national parks. This was not meant to be a visit  […]


Crater Lake: Winter Wonderland and Beyond

Posted on August 16, 2017

A Winter wonderland in Oregon! Officially it was Spring, but not at Crater Lake National Park. The park was still closed allowing access to the public only in limited areas. The temperature was only twenty-nine degrees with snow still falling. Periodically, the fast moving clouds would allow the blue skies to be seen through the clouds. It would in […]


Gay Travel: Why 'Gay Travel' and How Gays Travel?

Posted on August 11, 2017

Why gay travel in the first place? Adam, from travelsofAdam.com, writing for a column published at Nomadic Matt How Gay Travel is Different (and Why it Matters), contended that “It’s about safety, it’s about comfort, it’s about politics. But it’s also about welcoming events, friendly accommodations, and having fun with similar travelers.” Adam summarized it […]